Friday, June 13, 2008

New In Colors

In Color, In Fashion
Juicy fruits. Fairy tales. California. What do they have in common? No, not Disneyland® . . .our 2009 In Colors!
“No more Cool Caribbean?” Sally Stamper exclaimed in horror as she looked through her Fall-Winter Collection 2007. “But I love Cool Caribbean! I need more! What do I do?” Was this a familiar feeling last summer? Don’t forget In Colors are available for one year only . . . and that your time is running out to stock up on their favorite 2008 colors (like Purely Pomegranate).
If you’ve been into a home décor or clothing retail store recently, you’ve no doubt seen these gorgeous colors before.
They’ve been slipped into everything from pillows to shoes. And beginning August 11 you can feature these luscious and fashionable hues on your paper craft projects! Let’s meet our 2009 In Colors, shall we?

Juicy Fruits
Kiwi Kiss: This succulent, vivid green pairs well with so many other colors. Anyone up for adding a little strawberry-kiwi flavor to their projects? Kiwi Kiss is great with Pink Pirouette!

Tangerine Tango: Fiery like a Spanish sunset, this hot hue is the mouth-watering orange you have been craving.

Fairy Tales
Pink Pirouette: Named after a ballerina en pointe, this just might be the perfect pink. All we know is that it’s perfectly girly!

Riding Hood Red: Fairy tales tell us that creativity and daring will get you far in life, but a hint of girlish charm never hurts; hence the name Riding Hood Red.

Pacific Point: This stunning sapphire blue makes us think of sunny days spent lounging by the ocean. Isn’t it a great color for a fun beach tote? You will love this jewel-like hue!

Baja Breeze: This soothing color instantly brings to mind weathered surf-shops and antique long boards . . . with a Mexican twist. Nowhere but Baja, California, could inspire such a shade!

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