Monday, July 25, 2011


Most of my summer classes have involved Stamp-a-Stacks, making 10 cards for $12, 2 cards each of 5 designs. This has kept me pretty busy cutting, as well as designing. I have pulled some of my ideas from a great resource, If you have never checked it out, go for it! It is an awesome tool when you are hitting a card road block. Here are some of the cards we made at my last 2 events.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sorry for my Absence!

I am so sorry for my absence in posting. I have had one crazy summer. It started out with my grandmother passing away, an out of town funeral, then my 15 year old cousin came to live with us, Marty traveled to North Carolina and England, and I have had several Stampin' Up! events, helped with an estate sale, and mostly just been playing taxi driver! To reward you for your patience, I have several cards to post. Some of them you might have seen if you have attended any of my summer events, others will be new for everyone.