Sunday, May 4, 2008

Two for the Price of One

Did you know that with several of the sets from Stampin' Up! you are actually getting two sets for the price of one?

When you purchase Fun & Fast Notes, Greeting Galore, Pun Fun, and several other sets that have words under the image, you have the ability to create twice as many stamps. You do this by cutting words apart from the image. Mount your image on one side and the words on the end of your wood block. Viola twice as many stamps. In addition, by mounting your stamps this way, you are really expanding how your stamps can be used. For example, consider the star image from Fun & Fast Notes. If you mount the stamp as the catalog shows, then unless you want to mask out the "Congratulations" you are limited in how you can use the stamp. On the other hand, if "Congratulations" is mounted on the side, then you can use the star for Christmas, maybe the Fourth of July, a Birthday, or as an embellishment on a scrapbook page celebrating the star of this summer's little game!

So, when you get one of these sets, consider mounting the words separately from the image. You'll be buying one, and getting one free!

At Regionals they suggested ordering A Little Bit of Happiness as your hostess stamp set for having a $150 workshop and instead of mounting the four stamps on the wood blocks, cut each image apart and mount them on a set of dominoes. They still fit in the plastic box, however instead of getting four stamps you will get 26 stamps.

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